Efficient Siding and Gutters

Don’t Lose Efficiency to Poor Siding and Gutters


Siding does a lot more than make your home look nice. It helps protect the structure and insulates your home from the outside weather. With today’s improved technology, updating your old siding can have a huge impact on the amount of energy escaping through your walls.

There’s a reason vinyl siding is the most popular choice for remodeling, new construction – even historic renovation. Vinyl won’t split, won’t peel, and won’t rot. And because its color goes through the panel, it never needs to be scraped, stained or painted.
We offer a broad choice of siding styles, each in a variety of colors and textures guaranteed to meet both your architectural and budgetary needs. Whether you are remodeling a Victorian jewel or building a new home, you will find that Northcoast Energy Masters’ vinyl siding offers the choice and value you’re looking for:


  • Engineered for long lasting durability
  • Outstanding protection and performance
  • Resists fading, cracking, thermal expansion and contraction
  • Deflects damaging heat and infrared rays away from exterior walls
  • Maintenance is as easy as rinsing with a garden hose
  • Wide variety of colors, styles, features and accessories
  • Call us today to inspect the quality and condition of your home’s siding.


Gutters are not directly linked to saving on your home’s energy bill, but they do help support the other parts of the home that play a big role in saving you energy – your roof and your siding. When water doesn’t run off your roof line or consistently hits shingles, the life span of your roof is drastically reduced. The same goes for your siding. Without proper control of the rain, water can get behing your siding and facia boards, creating rot which will damage the structure and insulation of your home.
On a lighter note, nice looking gutters can make the difference in the overall look and feel of your home. As a perfect complement to your roof and siding, good gutters will give your home the curb appeal you desire. Call us today to inspect the quality and condition of your home’s gutters.