Insulation Removal

If you live near Cleveland or in the surrounding areas of northeast, Ohio means you understand the changing seasons and their effects on your home's atmosphere. Ray Sabin, owner of North Coast Energy Masters, understand your needs too. In the summer months, you want to keep heat out and the cold AC air in. The opposite is true in the windy winter months, as you try to keep your family warm inside your home. Insulation is the best way to control the temperature inside you home. While most homes have insulation, in most cases it’s been years since the insulation was installed and the insulation not working at its optimal efficiency. To make your home energy efficient, you might be required to have professional insulation removal and re instal the insulation.


Has your insulation been exposed to water, smoke or fire? Has a family of rodents made their home in your insulation? Or, has it been years since your insulation was originally installed? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you should consider professional insulation removal.


Beyond making your house less energy efficient, having contaminants, pests, mold/moisture pre-mold/moisture and compressed insulation may present a potential health risk to your family.


Is your home a product of over-insulation? In rare cases, heavy layers of insulation are found in attics, inhibiting proper airflow and causing damage to other areas of your home.


Removal of blown-in insulation can be labor-intensive and time-consuming. To expedite the process, we utilize an industrial vacuum outside of the house to remove the damaged material, ensuring little or no mess to your home. Blanket-style insulation can be rolled and packed in air-tight bags, and carefully removed from your attic for safe and proper disposal.


If you are looking at the addition of new insulation, removal of existing insulation may not be necessary. We can actually save you money by using the current insulation as a base and adding additional layers of insulation to bring it up to the desired R-49 or R-60 rating.


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